We recently acknowledged the exceptional work of our Market Street team for their recent Safety award.

Superintendent from Contegra Construction was honored with an award for the following:

NO safety violations, NO incidents, NO accidents, 100% PPE maintained and 100% Documentation

Congrats Contegra Team!  Left to Right:  Rick Rebecca (Safety Director), Larry Munie (Superintendent), and Tony Uzzo (Project Manager)


Market Street Project:

  • Excavation and installation of a new lower level truck well including 3 new dock doors with levelers.
  • 80,000 square feet of new concrete parking lot with perimeter fencing and (2) 50′ wide cantilevered gates.
  • Interior Tenant Improvements including new ESFR sprinkler system, 2,000 square feet of showroom space and 38,000 square feet of warehouse with new restrooms, break room, office and new LED lighting throughout.

Article Courtesy Kerry Smith, Editor – St. Louis Construction News & Review Magazine


As Gateway Commerce Center celebrates the 20thanniversary of the arrival of its very first warehouse-distribution tenant, developers of the 2,300-acre bulk distribution park in Madison County, IL are reflecting back on its genesis, its progress and its unique space in the market.

April 2018 officially marks two decades from the park’s official opening.

TriStar Companies is the park’s developer and has been since day one. The idea for creating the large-scale development emerged from the mind of Rod Thomas, TriStar chairman, according to Michael Towerman, the company’s president.

“This was absolutely Rod Thomas’ vision from the beginning,” Towerman said. “We first began assembling the land in September 1996. The first transaction was signed in April1997, and that was the Dial (Corp.) lease. Dial was our first tenant at the park and opened in April 1998. Dial remains with us today.”

With regard to sheer capacity, Towerman says Gateway Commerce Center has built 15.25 million square feet of development with the capability to facilitate a build-out of approximately eight million more square feet. “Our tenant size usually ranges from 350,000 square feet on the low side to 750,000 square feet on the high side, though we have buildings as large as 1.3 million square feet,” he said. “We also have some smaller capacity available.”

Putting Gateway Commerce Center in context with the St. Louis MSA’s various offerings in terms of bulk distribution sites, Towerman says in 2017 approximately four million square feet of new bulk warehouse space was built. “If we (Gateway) got 100 percent of the market, we’d be full in two years, but that’s not going to happen. As long as we don’t get an economic downturn, our submarket will continue to attract about 500,000 square feet to 750,000 square feet per year, maybe a little bit more. Some readers may think I’m a bit pessimistic, but (former Federal Reserve Chairman) Alan Greenspan said a few years ago that we’re living in a period of ‘irrational exuberance.’ That’s kind of how I feel now about where we are. The bell doesn’t go off before a downturn. It takes eight months to develop an industrial building, and two to three years to build and lease an apartment complex. If you started (construction) when you thought the market was pretty good, it’s almost like, ‘Gee, I think I built one or two too many’ at some point. That’s the speculative nature of what we do,” he added.

Amazon’s ambitious development of fulfillment centers in Gateway Commerce Center and elsewhere is an anomaly rather than the norm, according to Towerman.

“While e-commerce has driven a lot of construction and leasing over the last four years, if you take Amazon out of the St. Louis market, you take out 1.5 million square feet to 1.9 million square feet – or about 2.75 million square feet of absorption – out of the equation,” he said. “If you subtract that number out of what has been built in St. Louis over the last couple of years, you’d see a very different picture.”

One commercial construction company that has and is building a significant amount of product in Gateway Commerce Center is Edwardsville-based Contegra Construction. The firm has built more than 4.8 million square feet in Gateway Commerce Center, and by the close of 2019, the contractor will have completed 6.8 million square feet in the park. Contegra President Eric Gowin says his company has built four bulk distribution projects in a row within Gateway Commerce Center and is the shell building contractor for two million-square-foot buildings that are currently under construction within Gateway for World Wide Technology, both of which will be completed next year.

“We’ve been building and leasing these projects one at a time for TriStar,” Gowin said. “We adjust each for the site and according to marketplace demand at the time. Each is similar in size and scope. We’ve been replicating what’s been working in meeting the demand.”

Towerman says there’s no doubt that e-commerce is the key driver. A still-expanding U.S. population of consumers buying online and expecting their goods to be delivered more quickly that ever before adds up to the certainty of a flourishing demand for warehouse space well into the future, he added.

“Another factor is aging warehousing stock,” Towerman said. “In the Northeast, there’s an old supply of warehouse space,” said Towerman. “The average age of warehouse facilities in the Northeast is much older than in the Southwest or Midwest. Thus, those older facilities don’t work as well. They don’t offer the specifications necessary for e-commerce such as 36-foot ceiling clearance heights, compared to 28-foot heights which had previously been the norm.” The older buildings in the Northeast, built in the mid-1990s, have ceiling heights ranging from as low as 15 feet to 22 feet, he said.

Towerman references a study performed in September 2016 by real estate logistics expert Prologis that reveals online retailers need approximately 1.2 million square feet of warehouse space per every one billion dollars of online sales – three times the distribution center space required for traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. According to Prologis’ research, there are four unique business characteristics of online order fulfillment that are driving this space requirement: extensive product variety, greater inventory levels, larger outbound shipping space requirements and increased reverse logistics (also known as process returns).

“We (Gateway Commerce Center) will continue to see an increase in warehouse demand until we hit a saturation point,” Towerman said. “I think as long as there are no macroeconomic eruptions – such as wars and trade wars – I think we’ll see continued expansion in industrial bulk distribution warehouse development. We’re not a port town, we’re not Atlanta or L.A., but we get our share of development. We have our place in the supply chain but we’ll never see the peaks and valleys.”

According to the State of Illinois’ Dept. of Commerce & Economic Opportunity, Gateway Commerce Center’s enterprise zone – an economic incentive sanctioned by the state, Madison County and local municipalities that offers companies to apply for property tax abatement, sales tax exemption and more as an incentive to locate, expand or retain their presence in the park – is one of the most successful enterprise zones in the state, as measured by total number of jobs created and real estate investment.

We recently recognized the outstanding work of our CNW 800 American Family team for their recent Safety award.

Superintendent from Contegra Construction was honored with an award for the following:

NO safety violations, NO incidents, NO accidents, 100% PPE maintained and 100% Documentation


Congrats Contegra Team!  Left to Right:  Jeff Griffin, Dan Kopff (Superintendent), Rick Rebecca (Safety Director) And Chris Hoff, Russ Henke, Katherine Lindsey (not pictured)


CNW 800 American Family:

  • 81,000 sf tenant improvement for American Family Insurance
  • Seating for over 375 employees
  • Over 650 l.f. of new skylights, 15 rtu’s, new fire suppression and new roof



Article Courtesy Kerry Smith, Editor – St. Louis Construction News & Review Magazine


Although their populations are markedly different, O’Fallon, MO and Edwardsville, IL are benefitting from similar new construction developments and are governed by municipalities with similar visions and priorities.

Patrick McKeehan, O’Fallon’s economic development director, says the city of 87,800 population has experienced solid growth in 2017 and early 2018. For example, True Manufacturing is building a 200,000-square-foot distribution center on the north side of Interstate 70 that is expected to reach completion within the next few weeks.

“Summit Development Group is the developer and Contegra Construction Co. is the general contractor,” said McKeehan. “True Manufacturing is consolidating space from some smaller off-site warehouses to generate greater efficiencies on its campus in terms of production, finished goods and shipping.”

A $13 million I-70 outer road project is expanding capacity along O’Fallon’s primary transportation corridor to improve traffic flow and encourage new commercial activity, according to McKeehan. “Bids just opened on this critical transportation project,” he said, “which also involves MoDOT and St. Charles County. I-70 was originally built in the late 1950s. O’Fallon’s exponential growth has increased demand on the road system.”

By the end of June, the first phase of a $25 million sports destination project known as Missouri Rush Sports Park will be completed. Cornerstone Contracting Services is the general contractor and 40DD Sports is the developer. McKeehan says the initial phase includes four all-weather soccer fields and a clubhouse with restaurant. The sports complex is strategically located at Highway DD and I-64.

With a population of roughly one-third that of O’Fallon, MO, Edwardsville is enjoying a similar resurgence in commercial development across multiple sectors. Walter Williams, Edwardsville’s director of economic/community development, says World Wide Technology’s latest announcement that it is breaking ground on twin Gateway Commerce Center warehouses – each spanning one million square feet – is tangible evidence of serious investment in what Edwardsville has to offer companies. The builder has not yet been announced.

“Edwardsville’s continued success is attributable to our ability to attract investors and job creators,” said Williams.

Both McKeehan and Williams see parallels in the types of development that the two cities are attracting. O’Fallon, MO and Edwardsville are enjoying bustling hospitality development, sports destination development and warehouse-distribution investment. Like O’Fallon, the $12 million, 70-acre Plummer Family Sports Park near I-55, named for Edwardsville builder/developer Robert L. Plummer, is in the development stage.

Just as Edwardsville is known for high-tech manufacturing and distribution with its two advanced logistics parks, O’Fallon, MO is home to a large financial services cluster anchored by CitiMortgage and MasterCard’s global operations and technology center. According to McKeehan, O’Fallon has more than 6,000 employees in the industry sector.

“There are many commonalities between Edwardsville, IL and O’Fallon, MO, including highway access, strong geographic position, affordable housing, family oriented amenities, and with forward-thinking local government,” McKeehan said. “I think these commonalities all contribute to economic success.”

McKeehan emphasizes that the plusses inherent in the two municipalities that are attracting local, regional and national investment these days can also be found in other neighboring cities within the St. Louis MSA.

“St. Peters, MO has similar qualities as Edwardsville and O’Fallon,” said McKeehan, noting that the neighboring community was Amazon’s choice to build a 1,500-employee, 800,000-square-foot fulfillment center in the Premier 370 Business Park. This new operation is similar to the one in Edwardsville and is Amazon’s first fulfillment center in Missouri.

O’Fallon-Shiloh, IL is another investment-friendly community, according to McKeehan.

“I see O’Fallon-Shiloh in a similar position of strength,” he said. “All of these communities are centered on key transportation corridors that enable each to attract large commercial and industrial development.”

Cory Parker recently graduated from the Construction Leadership Institute at SIUE. We would like to congratulate Cory and thank him for being a part of the Contegra Construction Continued Education Program. More about this program can be seen below. The Construction Leadership Institute (CLI) at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville celebrated 29 graduates of its program Friday, March […]

Contegra Construction Co. has broken ground on a more than $20 million student housing complex near Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville.

Edwardsville-based Contegra, one of the fastest growing companies in the region, is the general contractor for the 486-bed, nine-building housing complex, which broke ground in November. The 15-acre site will feature two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom units with full kitchens and in-home washer-dryers. Amenities at The Reserve will include a workout room, study area, lounge/gaming room, leasing offices and a pool and separate bath house. Cleveland-based Richland Residential is the developer.

The development is located on New Poag Road near Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville and is slated to open in summer 2019.

The complex faced some opposition last year when a SIUE biology professor started a petition, saying the development was too close to Bohm Woods and threatened wildlife.

With $223.1 million in revenue, Contegra, led by founder and managing member Eric Gowin, is one of the largest privately held companies. Last year, it was also named one of the fastest growing firms with a 182 percent increase in revenue from 2014 to 2016.

 Article Courtesy Steph Kukuljan  St. Louis Business Journal

We recently recognized the outstanding work of our New Poag Richland Residential Project team for their recent Safety award.

Superintendent from Contegra Construction was honored with an award for the following:

NO safety violations, NO incidents, NO accidents, 100% PPE maintained and 100% Documentation


Congrats Contegra Team!  Left to Right:  Jim Mundy (Member/Project Executive), Dylan Bentley (Project Engineer), Kyle Kupinski (Superintendent), Josh Wilson (Assistant Superintendent), Rick Rebecca (Safety Director)


New Poag Richland Residential Project

486 Bed Housing Complex

9 Buildings with 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom units

Club house with work out room, study area, lounge/gaming room

Pool and bath house

15 Acre Site



We recently recognized the outstanding work of our Lot9B Project team for their recent Safety award.

Superintendent from Contegra Construction was honored with an award for the following:

NO safety violations, NO incidents, NO accidents, 100% PPE maintained and 100% Documentation


Congrats Contegra Team!  Left to Right:  Rick Rebecca (Safety Director), Jim Mundy (Member/Project Executive), Dennis Bentlage (Superintendent), Travis Cory (Project Manager)


Lot 9B Project:

594,000 SF Multi-Tenant Warehouse Distribution Center

32’ Minimum Clear Height

66 Dock Positions

Steel Frame, Metal Roof Deck, Tilt-Up Construction

Article Courtesy Advantage News

EDWARDSVILLE — Madison County is seeing more growth at Gateway Commerce Center.

“There is so much going on at Gateway,” County Board Chairman Kurt Prenzler said. “The area just keeps growing.”

Prenzler, along with other county leaders  — Director of Community Development Trudy Bodenbach and Director of Employment and Training Tony Fuhrmann —  toured the industrial and logistics area last week and got to see a newly constructed spec building as well as learn about potential new tenants and the expansion of others.

Representatives with Contegra Construction Co. showed officials the 594,000-square-foot spec building it put up, along with the Royal Canin facility it built.

Gateway Commerce Center was the vision of TriStar Properties.

“Just think, it’s been 20 years since the first distribution center opened,” Prenzler said. “The land had a few farmers working the ground before, then Dial Corp opened with a few hundred employees and now there are 6,500 employees who commute to work every day.”

Gateway has around 13 million square feet of space on 2,300 acres of land.

Prenzler said this marked his second tour of the area. He said he visited an Amazon “fulfillment center” last year.

“Madison County has become a place where companies want to locate because of its location,” he said.

James Arnold, program coordinator with Madison County Community Development, works with economic development for the county. He said most of the buildings at Gateway were constructed for specific clients. He said the spec building county officials toured last week does not yet have a client, but he doesn’t see it taking long to get one.

“The chairman and others learned there is new growth that’s set to take place at Gateway,” Arnold said.

He said they were told Dart Transit is set to open a transportation and logistics facility in March and at least two other companies were planning expansions.

Bodenbach said it was her first time touring Gateway, and the economic growth and the area’s potential for more is remarkable.

“Amazon locating there really upped the ante for workers as well,” Fuhrmann said. “When they came in, they started paying their workers more than the other facilities, and now those places are offering their employees a higher pay.”

He said people want to work where they can earn a decent living, and companies at Gateway offer that.

In addition to Amazon and Dial, other tenants include GEODIS, DB Schenker, GENCO ATC, The Hershey Co., Ozburn-Hessey Logistics, Proctor & Gamble, Save-A-Lot, Saddle Creek Logistics Services, Schneider National, Unilever, USF Logistics, Walgreens and Yazaki of North America.

We recently recognized the outstanding work of our Beardstown Project team for their recent Safety honor.

Superintendent from Contegra Construction was honored with an award for the following:

NO safety violations, NO incidents, NO accidents, 100% PPE maintained and 100% Documentation




Beardstown Project:

3025 sf masonry bathhouse building with full amenities

8,000 sf pool with slide, diving board and miscellaneous water features

Contegra completes construction of a new facility for Walgreens in Chandler, AZ.

“The new 60,000 SF facility completed in November utilizing the Contegra design-build delivery method will be operated by AllianceRx Walgreens Prime, a combined central specialty pharmacy and mail service company formed by Walgreens and pharmacy benefit manager Prime Therapeutics LLC.  The new center will house pharmacists, call center agents and pharmacy technicians. The facility will support Walgreens retail pharmacies around the county. The newly formed company offers tools and resources to help patients improve medication adherence and provide 24/7 support for exceptional care.”

Great work Contegra team!

Sources: Phoenix Biz Journal & Walgreens Press Release



Superintendents from Contegra Construction were honored with an award for the following:

NO safety violations, NO incidents, NO accidents, 100% PPE maintained and 100% Documentation

True Manufacturing Project:

  • 200,000 SF Distribution Center for Adjacent True Manufacturing Facilities
  • Forty Dock Positions with one Drive-In Door
  • Building Clear Height of 36’0”
  • Steel Frame, Metal Roof Deck, Tilt-Up Construction
  • Glass Storefront with Composite Metal Panels at Main Entry

Congrats Contegra team for a job well done on the True Manufacturing Project!

Congrats Contegra team! Left to Right: Tony Uzzo (Project Manager), Darrell Marti (Superintendent),  Jim Mundy (Member), Rick Rebecca (Safety Director)

Article Courtesy St. Louis Business Journal.

On the Move written by Vince Brenna, managing editor.

Contegra Construction Co. written by Veneta Rizvic.

On the Move

As you’ll read in the 2017 edition of the St. Louis Business Journal’s Fastest-Growing Companies, technology, IT and construction firms have seen revenue explode over the past few years. They were able to do this by adding to their client base, taking advantage of a rebounding industry and investing in innovation.

To create this list of the 50 fastest-growing companies, the Business Journal calculated revenue growth for the past three years of local, privately held companies with more than $1 million in 2014 revenue.

St. Louis companies are growing bottom lines past previous levels. Combined, the top 25 companies on this year’s list grew 173.9 percent over the top 25 companies on last year’s list.

From left: Contegra's Jim Mundy, Dennis Araujo, and Eric Gowin.

From left: Contegra’s Jim Mundy, Dennis Araujo, and Eric Gowin. Source: http://www.bizjournals.com.

Contegra Construction Co.

Contegra Construction Co. made a decision to branch out geographically, as well as diversify its segments in recent years, resulting in a 182 percent increase in revenue from 2014 to 2016. Contegra reported annual revenue of 223.1 million in 2016.

“After the downturn, we really diversified the kinds of construction we do,” Eric Gowin, primary member of the company, said. “We’ll do any warehouse or industrial type of work, but now we also take on office, multifamily, retail, and wastewater and water treatment projects.”

Contegra, founded in 2003, completed work in 2016 on the 1.1 million-square-foot, $45 million industrial building in Wentzville Logistics Center, which will serve as a sub-assembly facility to support the nearby General Motors Plant. NorthPoint Development was the developer, according to Gowin.

In addition, Contegra completed Amazon’s distribution center at Gateway Commerce Center in Edwardsville in 2016. Gowin declined to share the cost of this project. The 717,000-square-foot distribution center was sold to Germany-based Deka Immobilien for $42.3 million in early 2017.

On the multi-family front, the company completed a $23 million project in O’Fallon, Missouri, called Bramblett Hills. The project consisted of 17 three-story buildings, detached parking garages, a clubhouse, a swimming pool and a community center.

Warehouse and industrial projects are still a big part of Contegra’s portfolio, as the company also completed work on two spec buildings in Gateway Commerce Center for TriStar Properties. The 520,000-square-foot and 624,000-square-foot projects cost about $40 million.

“They stand behind what they say they will do,” Mike Towerman, president of Tri-Star Properties, said. “If there is a problem with a project, they take care of it. They never put it on us.”

Towerman has worked on several projects with Gowin and Contegra since the company’s founding in 2003.

Contegra’s backlog currently stands at about $150 million, Gowin said. The company is owned by Gowin, Brad Barnard, Russ Henke and Dennis Araujo.

“I see our growth leveling off some time this year or next.” Gowen said. “Being strong, but not very big gains though.”

Job Additions

Add any jobs in 2016?

Added one project executive, one project manager, three project engineers, two in administration and one superintendent.

Adding jobs in 2017?

Looking to hire a safety director soon and one or two project managers.


Contegra Construction recently ranked #11 on St. Louis Business Journal’s list of Largest General Contractors. To see the list click here.

Article Courtesy Construction Forum St. Louis

The Southern Illinois Builders Association and Southern Illinois Construction Advancement Program recently presented safety awards at their Awards Banquet.

A full list of recipients can be seen here.



As part of Contegra Constructions Continued Education Program, we would like to congratulate Chris Hoff for recently completing the Construction Leadership Institute at SIUE. More about this program can be seen below.

The Construction Leadership Institute (CLI) at Southern Illinois Univerity Edwardsville celebrated 34 graduates of its program Friday, March 10 as a part of the CLI Alumni Day and Graduation celebration. Developed by the SIUE Schools of Business and Engineering, the CLI provides the knowledge, skills and strategies that individuals and companies need in today’s challenging construction industry.

Program Co-Directors Chris Gordon, associate dean of the SIUE School of Engineering, and Kristine Jarden, director of executive education in the SIUE School of Business, oversaw the ceremony.

“The CLI program is designed to align with leadership development needs of the rapidly changing construction industry,” said Gordon. “The CLI Advisory Board takes an active role in helping us continuously update this unique and innovative leadership development program to develop future building industry leaders.”

“CLI’s mission is to produce accomplished leaders who will improve the processes and outcomes in the construction industry,” Jarden said. “We thank the employers for their vision in supporting the education of future business leaders in the industry.”



Our Mission:
Improve the processes and outcomes of the building industry by preparing the next generation of leaders.
Architecture/Engineering/Construction Leaders Cultivating the Talent of the Next Generation




The continued growth at Contegra has landed the company at the 89th spot of the Top 150 Privately Help Companies in St. Louis. The article in the St. Louis Business Journal can be seen below. You can also see the article on their website here.

Contegra Construction was able to grow its revenue from $135 million in 2015 to $223.1 million in 2016 due to the expansion of its industrial sector and by focusing its efforts on a growing need for manufacturing and industrial distribution warehouses in the region, according to Eric Gowin, a primary owner of the company.

“We targeted large projects with national developers,” Gowin said. “We also completed large multi-family projects both locally and on a national level, which significantly increased our revenue.”

In 2016, Contegra completed a large distribution center, called Gateway Commerce Center 717, in Edwardsville, Illinois. In addition, Contegra completed work on a 717,000-square-foot fulfillment center for Amazon in Edwardsville. Gowin declined to share the cost for either project.

Contegra also completed a 220,000-square-foot residential project called Bramblett Hills, in O’Fallon, Missouri, which includes 17 three-story buildings. Gowin declined to provide additional details.

Contegra also completed a $13 million project for the Metropolitan Sewer District, that included replacing scrubbers in two MSD wastewater treatment plants at Bissell and Lemay.

In 2017, the company will work on an expansion for Kuna Food Service in Dupo, Illinois; a new Bob’s Discount Furniture store in St. Ann, Missouri; and a redevelopment of the old Northwest Plaza property.

The Northwest Plaza property redevelopment includes 371,000 square feet of new retail building construction and a renovation of 807,000 square feet of existing space.

The company has four primary owners, Eric GowinBrad Barnard, Russ Henke and Dennis Araujo, but hopes to extend some ownership opportunities to the next generation of leaders at Contegra in the near future.

Add any jobs in 2016? Added one project executive, one project manager, three project engineers, two in administration and one superintendent.

Adding any jobs in 2017? One project engineer and one superintendent.

Local employees: 76

Total employees: 78

Leadership: Eric Gowin, primary member; Brad Barnard, Russ Henke and Dennis Araujo, members

Article courtesy of Kerry Smith St. Louis Construction News

Contegra Construction was featured in the most recent issue of St. Louis Construction News. The article, “Employee Wellness by Design”, features Contegra as an example of construction firms that are making employee well-being and health a priority in the workplace.

“As a commitment to encouraging the company’s expanding millennial workforce to stay fit and active, Contegra transformed 4,000 square feet of warehouse space into a Crossfit gym”, says founder and President Eric Gowin. The gym is free to all employees and includes a personal trainer.

“Other wellness perks include a recently expanded break room with flat screen TV’s, a Starbucks-style coffee bar, catering in lunch once a week for everyone and hosting the occasional employee happy hour.”

To read the full article, click  here. 


Article Courtesy Illinois Business Journal By DENNIS GRUBAUGH

EDWARDSVILLE — When First to the Finish, an athletic apparel business, chose the site for its newest location, the company knew it would have a built-in customer base.

Next door is the Planet Fitness gym. Just to the north, plans are in the works for a connection to the Madison County bicycle trail. Users of those facilities are always looking for quality running shoes and gear.

“It’s an ideal location and a good-looking building; it should do well for them,” said Cory Parker, who is managing the project for the general contractor, Contegra Construction Co., of Edwardsville.

The design-build firm is looking for a Nov. 1 completion date for a company that is planning a mid-November opening. First to the Finish is moving its headquarters from Carlinville to Edwardsville, where it will have space for retail, offices, graphics and storage. The new facility, which is about 16,000 square feet, features exterior, tilt-up concrete walls with painted and thin-brick façade. A unique feature of the building will be its arched roof “clerestory” with glass curtain walls. The arched story will stand out from a distance. While most of the structure maintains a certain height, one section is raised higher than the rest, with an arched roof of its own and glass panels going from roof to ground.

“The arched clerestory was a bit of a challenge. It took some coordination in getting all the parts and pieces to work,” Parker said. The building will also have polished concrete floors. Finished concrete is polished to a sheen using a seven-step grinding process. The structure will also have architectural sheet metal paneling accents outside and painted exposed structural steel framing on the interior. The project is currently completing electrical and HVAC rough in, metal stud framing and exterior storefronts. Grading is underway for curb and gutter and paving.

The part of the building closest to Planet Fitness will be the retail space, with the entrance by way of the arched story. The west side of the building, meanwhile, is split up between warehouse storage and graphics. The northeast corner will be devoted to offices.

Article courtesy of The Riverbender.com

GODFREY – Phase II of Trailblazer Commons officially opened today in Godfrey. Community leaders joined students, faculty and staff of Lewis and Clark Community College to mark the occasion with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Located next door to campus, Trailblazer Commons is a purpose-built student housing complex serving Lewis and Clark Community College. Phase I of the development opened in 2014.

Phase II includes an additional 12-unit apartment building as well as expanded parking facilities. The community can now house up to 148 students.

“We’re honored to be a part of the Lewis and Clark community, and excited to offer even more students a place to call home,” said Kevin Carski, Managing Partner of Elm Street Student Housing, the project’s owner and developer. “Trailblazer Commons is more than just a place to live. It also provides students with a full, live-on-campus college experience. Residents can walk to class, make new friends, and become part of a thriving community.”

Lewis and Clark Vice President of Student Engagement Sean Hill said the housing complex has fulfilled a need for students who otherwise have a long commute or who want to enjoy an on-campus college experience.

“This housing unit has provided an affordable place for our students to reside while attending Lewis and Clark,” Hill said. “Trailblazer Commons provides not only a place for our student athletes to live, but it also provides that complete college experience for a number of other traditional students who choose to live near campus.”

Residents agree. “I enjoy living in Trailblazer Commons”, said Jane Grieser, a second-year Lewis and Clark student from Springfield, IL. “With the new addition I will make more friends. I’ve met so many people to begin with; this has been a great experience.”

Trailblazer Commons will have a table at Lewis and Clark’s upcoming Open House, from 12:00 p.m. – 2 p.m., Sunday, September 18. During that time, event attendees will have the opportunity to tour an open unit.

Article Courtesy St. Louis Business Journal

Revenue is up at the 25 fastest-growing companies in St. Louis.

Those 25 companies increased revenue more than 100 percent in the past two years, and on June 10 they’ll be profiled in the Business Journal.

These awards recognize locally based, independent, privately held businesses (not a subsidiary, division or franchise) with a three-year sales history — 2013, 2014 and 2015 — with equal or increased revenue in fiscal 2015 over fiscal 2014, and revenue of more than $1 million in fiscal 2013.

The companies that made the list:

  • American Testing & Inspection Services
  • Classroom Library Co.
  • Clearent LLC
  • Contegra Construction Co. LLC

  • CRB Builders LLC
  • Engage
  • Evolve Digital Labs LLC
  • Facilitec Inc. dba Facilitec Corporate Furnishings
  • GadellNet
  • Kadean Construction Co.
  • Keeley Companies
  • Keystone Construction Co.
  • Krilogy Financial
  • M+H Architects
  • MC Hotel Construction
  • Medical Transportation Management Inc.
  • Mid America Logistics
  • Murray Co.
  • NVision IT
  • Oculus Inc.
  • Trileaf Corp.
  • Truck Centers Inc.
  • Vintech Solutions Inc.
  • VIP Corporate Housing Inc.

Contegra’s recently completed Bramblett Hills project was featured on page 64 of Building Design and Construction Magazine. You can read the article online by clicking here.



Article Courtesy Illinois Business Journal By Melissa Crockett Meske

Contegra Construction - Illinois Business Journal

Contegra Construction – Illinois Business Journal

Contegra Construction Co., Gateway East 717 Distribution Center, Edwardsville

Located just south of New Poag Road in Edwardsville, the Gateway East 717 Distribution Center is the first speculative warehouse structure built on the east side of Illinois 255. Construction began back in June 2015 and was substantially complete in January 2016.

Contegra Construction Co. of Edwardsville has served as the development’s general contractor.
The property’s developer, TriStar Properties, selected Gray Design Group Inc. of St. Louis as the architect for the project. Propper Construction Services, another partner in the development,
has provided construction management. Other partners included leasing agent Cushman & Wakefield and the private equity firm of Pacific Coast Capital Partners.

Bobby Klucker, Contegra’s project manager, pointed out that the unique elements to this speculative warehouse, compared to others, that was used on the Gateway East 717 building was all concrete pavement on its exterior and a 36’ clear height. He also pointed out the biggest challenges were that of amenities, access and the weather.

There were no existing utilities or infrastructure to build upon at this site. Added to that was the heavy rain received back in June which only allowed for three days of work on the project, with 20 days lost. Yet the six-month schedule still prevailed.

The 717,060-square-foot facility is on a 76-acre site with 36-foot-height clearance capabilities. A concrete tilt-up distribution facility with 80 truck docks, it features a heat reflective and energy efficient thermoplastic polyolefin roof and design/build mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems.

Gateway East 717 is expandable to more than 1.2 million square feet. Its construction has opened up an additional 700 acres of the 2,300-acre warehouse and distribution park for development.

If you ask Brad Barnard, one of the owners of Contegra Construction, why 2015 was such a successful year for the company, he’d tell you it was a perfect mix of customer satisfaction and the dedicated work of his employees. That mix resulted in $135 million in revenue in 2015, up from $79 million in 2014.

“We hire people that have extensive resumes and very strong skillsets for different types of work,” he said. “And when we have that, clients look for specific employees they’ve worked with in the past because they’ve built that relationship already.”

When Contegra was founded in 2003 by Eric Gowin, it was mainly a distribution center builder, but that changed about six years ago when Gowin brought on partners with specialties that complemented his, said Barnard.

“This allowed us to diversify and we were able to competitively bid for other opportunities,” Barnard said.

The company now takes on retail, residential, wastewater and water treatment and education projects, among others.

In 2015, Contegra worked mostly on industrial and commercial projects, including completion of a new 202,895-square-foot Menards store in St. Ann. Other completions in 2015 include projects for Procter and Gamble and World Wide Technology, although Barnard can’t reveal what they were.

Contegra began a 220,000-square-foot residential project in April 2015 called the Bramblett Hills, in O’Fallon, Missouri, which includes 17 three-story buildings. The company is in the process of completing a $63 million retail development in Richmond Heights that includes a Menards store. Contegra also is currently working on a large distribution center, called Gateway Commerce Center 717, in Edwardsville.

In addition to World Wide Technology and Menards, Contegra’s other clients include Walgreens, and Lewis and Clark Community College.

Barnard said the company is projecting revenue to increase slightly in 2016, but it will include more of the same projects. The company has four primary owners, Eric GowinBrad BarnardRuss Henke and Dennis Araujo, but hopes to extend some ownership opportunities to the next generation of leaders at Contegra soon.