You want to develop that site into what? OK…

Contegra has worked with some of the brightest developers in the business and think like they do. We are considered an extension of their office staff on an as-needed basis. We are frequently consulted early and often to lend construction insight regarding infrastructure layout, development and budgeting, and local governmental relationships.

Get Us Involved Early

The biggest wins for our clients have been circumstances in which we have been involved early – brainstorming about the most cost-effective solutions for raw land, then helping developers efficiently and economically phase in design and improvements as acreage is developed in pieces, all while keeping the bigger picture of the entire development constantly in sight.

Developer-driven projects

Contegra has worked closely with large Institutional Pension Fund-backed developers that own and have developed a 2300-acre industrial parcel, Class A Office projects, and with clients that buy infill and Brownfield properties to redevelop and sell after the property is stabilized. Those properties have been developed into infill retail/office projects that we have constructed. Contegra has also worked with big box retail chains and other large land based infrastructure developments. In other words, we have been fortunate enough to have been involved in any number of varied developer-driven projects and know what is expected of us in each instance.

We are not developers, we are contractors. We want to be your builders – wherever and whenever you need us.